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Obervogtländische Eisenbahn (railway association)

Running from Zwotental to Adorf (in the Vogtland region)

Travel on rail cars of the former East German Railways!

One of Saxony’s former most popular railway routes was the CA line running between Chemnitz and Adorf. Already in 1975, however, the line became less important as it was interrupted due to the construction of Eibenstock Dam. The lower section up to Aue is still in operation, but the situation of the upper section starting in Schönheide is less favourable.

So the FHWE (Historic West Saxon Railway Support Association) operates a museum railway on one section, and the Vogtlandbahn railway uses the section between Muldenberg and Zwotental, running its RB 1 line.

Regular rail passenger service had been provided on the remaining section from Zwotental to Adorf until 2012. In order to revive this section, the FHWE was founded, counting over 40 members. The first accomplishment is that the Regio Infra Service Sachsen GmbH (RISS) railway company has been leasing the line for five years.

The association offers special train rides on historic railcars of classes BR 771 and 772 as well as on modern railcars of the Vogtlandbahn railway. Sometimes the trains depart from and arrive at the historic railway yard in Adorf, which is the last completely preserved railway yard in Vogtland.

Railway line Obervogtland Railway

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Förderverein Obervogtländische Eisenbahn e.V. (OVEB)
Zwotental–Markneukirchen–Adorf (Vogtl)
Breitenfelder Straße 2a
08261 Schöneck (Vogtl) OT Gunzen
Mobil: 0174 3103755




The Obervogtland Railway runs with its special trains on selected dates.


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